meet me


Hi, I’m Amanda, a 38 year old, queer femme who has been happily partnered to my wife, Jennifer for the last decade. You will likely get to know her quite a bit because she is a big part of the lovely in my life. Together we have seven cats and three beautiful rescue mutts: Atticus, Sketch and Gypsy Roo, over the last 10 years together we have lost Gertrude, Petunia, Lucy and Fossil.

I am a proud sister, a Feminist, a inspired photographer, dreamer, wisher, happy baker, garden girl wanna be and overall believer in love and goodness. In the most cynical climate of our world I’m trying desperately to hold to everything lovely and good! 

Yes! I am an eternal optimist, a glass half-full kind of woman even though life has offered many reasons not to be.  I believe that love is the resistance.   Recently, I was diagnosed with PTSD and I am navigating a new world in regards to trauma; what it means to me and how it has shaped the way I have lived my life.  I do not plan to filter my experiences but I will make every effort to post trigger warnings on trauma-related posts. The last six years have found me also getting to know grief quite intimately; writing has helped me move through those emotions.  It’s also led me to get to know some really amazing people.  Perhaps something I share from my experiences will move you and if I am really lucky maybe you’ll also find yourself suffering gut busting laughter; regardless, whatever you take away, may you use it to look for everything lovely & good.

As ever, Amanda

All images and writings © Copyright Amanda Mandigo 2008-2017. All Rights Reserved.  Do not use, download, post, blog, publish or distribute for commercial or private use without prior written permission and consent.


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