31 Days Of Favorites! || August 1st

I thought it would be fun to do a post-a-day of a few of my favorite things for the month of August.

I wanted to start first with a product from a local-to-me company, Sweet Birch Herbals. Sweet Birch proprietor, Hannah Jacobson-Hardy provides Western Massachusetts with high quality plan based medicines that are sourced locally from Full Kettle Farm, based out of Sunderland, MA.

I first learned about Sweet Birch from my friend Grace, who introduced me to the company on a recent visit to Northampton's Tuesday Market. I happened to be looking for a massage oil and purchased their handcrafted Ginger Balsam Massage and Body Oil. I love the deep balsam scent with a twist of spicy ginger, the combination is quite warming, perfect for deep tissue massage. My tester is none other than my daring and often selective wife Jennifer who loves it.

As the massager, I also enjoy the scent but really appreciate the sheer lightness to the product. Other massage oils I've used feel thick and don't seem to absorb into skin as well. We both love it and can't wait to check out a few of her other products, including her Full Moon Ghee!


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