Not just another goodbye~

Goodbyes are messy, sad and they fucking suck so hard. Due to unforeseen circumstances my smart, kind, graceful, and loving therapist is leaving the state. Today was our last session together. It did not go how I had it pictured in my head. I guess that’s ok. We’ve decided that the universe is bent on my learning all about loss and endings. There’ve just been so many… I’m a bit paralyzed and heartbroken but I’m scheduled to meet with my new therapist on Monday. However, just because I’ll be back in the saddle (or on the couch?) so quickly, it doesn’t mean I’m not feeling this loss so acutely. Side funny note: I’m glad I got to say goodbye vs. not saying goodbye to my previous therapist that died. Some humour I s’pose; that’s what this therapist said she liked best about me: my ability to romanticize shitty circumstances and still find everything lovely and good.


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