Finding the balance 

It’s been an odd two weeks, full of ups and downs, good and bad and the kind of stuff that just makes you go what the fuck?!

Last Sunday we found a flood in the basement of our home which ended up being a backed up main drain. Yes, sewerage spilling into our basement, both a disgusting mess and expense we did not need. This was on top of a week full of multiple friend & family miscommunications, some drama, lots of anger & tears and the announcement by my therapist that she’s leaving me.  Yes, I say that as if it’s personal because it is.

It feels like a big kick in the gut, since losing my last therapist, my beloved Robin to cancer last year.  

That said, the Universe adores balance and if the bad knocked the wind out of me, the good lifted me right up off my feet. I’m grateful for the following things: 

•that our flood was just a main drain issue and not the more expensive repair of removing tree roots

•making new friends

•hosting our first fancy dinner party…mostly a success! :p 

•because of said party we decided to decorate…finally.

•our very first all-day pool day:

Seriously! I woke early this morning to test, skin & vacuum the water. Jennifer finished putting together our new canopy bed…which we enjoyed breaking in. (wink wink) and ate lunch and napped with both a cat and dog (separately) on the new bed and floated forever under a beautiful oak tree with bird song and blue skies with happy clouds.  Bliss, my friends. Worth it all.  Now it’s just twenty minutes to eight and I’m finishing this post up on our ghetto bistro set by the pool. We’re going to have leftovers for dinner and snuggle up. Wish it wasn’t Sunday night already~ 

(Was on our way in and this storm rolled in…

my beautiful life…rolling like thunder.  x


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