Seriously, just do the right thing.

I have to share this with you all. I will preface it by letting you know that I am highly aware (you’ll get the joke later) that I can be, at times, a righteous bitch. But as often as I read that righteousness, I am also very easily humbled. Anyways, I digress.  Last week,  Jennifer and I were in the drive-through at a Starbucks when we saw a woman in a minivan back out of her parking spot right into a pretty new Jeep liberty.  She partially pulled forward back into the spot she had been in, got out and checked her bumper (the side that didn’t have the damage) and then get back into her car. She did not even look at the Jeep Patriot. She then proceeded to exit the Starbucks and myrighteous ass was out that door so quicker  then my wife could say she was calling the police. I jogged up to the minivan which had stopped at a stop sign and the drivers daughter, a young teenage girl rolled down her window. The woman was pretty clueless and seemed very unaffected as I told her she needed to get back into that store and find the owner of that Jeep Patriot to let them know that she had hit their vehicle. In true high and mighty fashion I looked at the young girl and then back at the mother and admonished her for the ‘fine example’ she was setting for her child. I only regret doing it now because of the young girls reaction. Her face was crimson as she tried to defend herself as well as her mother perhaps by shrieking at me “I am highly aware of what the right thing to do was! She was going to go in!” I said why don’t you just pull all the way back into that parking spot and walk in the door instead of leaving the parking lot. Both women were flustered and I felt bad that I felt like I had done the right thing because you know what I would want somebody to do that for me if somebody hit my car and ran. 

I shared the story with my sister last night and she validated that I had done the right thing, as did my life but I want to know what the big old world thanks, but would you have done?


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