We Plan, and the Universe Laughs (almost always)

I had a list of things I wanted to do today, including baking a couple of blueberry pies for my neighbors and then photographing and blogging it, but we know what happens when we make plans.  A lingering headache and lack of sleep got me off to a weak start. I’m okay with that though; I don’t need perfectly planned days…I guess.

Most of my morning and mid-afternoon were spent coaxing our very old kitty to eat.  It was a rougher morning than normal but when I got back from my mid-day job, he seemed a bit perkier and even ate on his own, which pleased me greatly.  Every time I feel like the end is close, this cat rebounds and I’m extraordinarily grateful for every moment I can kiss and love on him; even when he has me pulling out my hair and screaming inside.   Stoked about dry weather and sunshine (inconceivable!) I took Atticus for a long walk, cleaned the pool and checked on the garden babies. Now I’m writing.  It feels good; I need to get in the habit of it, which is why I decided to post something anyway today. I want so much to carve out the time to write but I think I get caught up in thinking about what I want to write about and perhaps that creates more of a block for me.  At the moment, I find it easier to sit down and free write than I do to thoughtfully craft my posts.  I’m afraid I’m not quite the polished blogger I long to be..yet (the operative word!)

I still feel as though I’m coming out of a bout of depression; I’m in New England, so the lingering chilly weather hasn’t really helped.  That said, I do feel as though I’m on the lighter side of it so I am positive that the turnaround is near.

It’s early yet, and the sun is still shining, so I think I might still try to bake those pies.

Tell me, friends, can you handle messy or do you need every moment of your life perfectly planned?


One thought on “We Plan, and the Universe Laughs (almost always)

  1. HarmonixChiq says:

    Love the title, so incredibly true! I strive to do so many things, I’m a stay at home mom, disabled, and my daughter is autistic. Mostly I plan to clean or crochet or some other craft, mostly I just plan out all the things I wanna do & between that and chasing a 2 year old around all day, cleaning the tornado of mess she leaves behind as she goes, the end of the day approaches lol leaving me exhausted & without an ounce of motivation to attempt to begin, let alone accomplish, everything I set out to do daily.

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