little of this, little of that

The only constant is change. ~Heraclitus

Isn’t that the truth?!  I think I am finally in a good place where I can start scheduling more time to write + blog, something that I have been wanting to do for a few years now.  Contrary to what I thought a month ago in my last post; I did not unravel! Life continued to move along, a bit bumpy, but not disastrous.

I mentioned last time that my schedule had changed, well that is because I started a new job a few weeks ago! It’s not something I ever thought I would find myself doing at almost 40 years old, but it is good, hard work that I am very good at.  I’m working as a residential housekeeper for a start-up company here in Western Massachusetts.  The monies are decent for the position (in fact, I was offered less to be an Office Manager for soup kitchen), the hours are conducive for my schedule, I am moving all day (which is so nice), and I love traveling around to the different homes.  I’ve made such an impression that I have already had several clients request me; which is lovely.  Not a bad list of pros and my only real con is that it is very hard work and my almost-forty year old body feels it, for sure.  That said, my wife has already noticed my “cleaning” muscles, so that makes up for all of the aches and pains!  I just need to get her massage hands working again 😉

In addition to the job, I’m also back in therapy (thank the fucking Goddess!)  We are switching gears in therapy; focusing more on helping me to focus and manifest my dream of developing this blog further.  In a perfect and ideal world, the breakdown of work would look like this: 25% Cleaning, 35% Portrait Photography, 40% blogging.  I would like to have a seamless brand between this blog and my photography business, Code Purple.  We’re working out the details of the niche of this blog but if I can describe it at all, I want to be the queer version of Rhee Drummond, right here in the beautiful and happy Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts.  Sans the kids, the ranch and the cowboy, of course! Haha!  This is the first time I’m putting this dream out into the world. I feel like I have potential for  greatness in this area and I am wonderfully supported by Jennifer, my little sister and my therapist, who keep cheering me on, go-go-go.

We are almost halfway through this year and the weather is just starting to be nice. Which has totally been a factor in turning around the lingering “blues.”  It is supposed to be up near 90 both today and tomorrow and I’m so excited.  We opened our pool a few weeks ago so that it could be primed and ready for action once the weather turned. I’m so glad we did that, note to self to do that in future years too!

Our next round of renovations on the house are going to be in the backyard.  For the last six months of winter we have been envisioning a zen oasis.  First step to achieving said oasis are to replace the 1970’s fence seen below: IMG_7557[1]with a tall, wooden fence we found at Loews.  Because the poles are already in the ground it’s going to be easier than replacing an entire fence. Jennifer plans on doing all of the work herself, I plan on helping when needed and staying out of her way when I’m not!  Our second major project is a pergola that will stretch alongside the left side of the pool.  On the opposite side of the pool is a concrete patio that we are working on filling with raised garden beds like this one that Jenn built last weekend.  (Gush: Isn’t it cute!?!)  She put it on casters so we can move it in and out of the shade.

We also bought a strawberry plant this weekend and I have to say, the blossoms and berries are making me squeal with delight every-time I see them.

My biggest gardening goal this summer/fall is to grow my own herbs to make my very own tea.   I’m starting to research that now and I’ll share the journey along the way.

My next post will be all about pie!  Confession: It’s what I’m having for lunch right now.

See you soon!



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