Self Sabotage: The Art of Unraveling

First, it’s been a month since I posted because I got stuck on posting one specific post that I’ve been working on for, like.. ever. It’s a hard post so I’ve been struggling to complete it and for some reason, I couldn’t move past it without finishing. However, when I saw today’s prompt: Unravel, I was inspired. I’ve been doing some personal work (sans therapist since she’s been on maternity leave!) and this topic resonates with me and where I feel I’m at lately.

There have been a lot of changes in the last 6-8 months.  We’ve been through quite a bit and I believe it’s safe to say that my wife is navigating a new waters since losing her father at the end of last year.  Side note: Just because last year ended and a new one began doesn’t mean that things are all brand, spanking new, (that notion really peeves me by the way) rather, we have been and still are marinating on the events of the last six months and maybe are just becoming attuned to dealing with them, looking at them, etc. Which is precisely where we are.  Each of us dealing with our own shit, dealing with our “together” shit and probably not doing any of it in the healthiest of ways.  That said, things are still rolling for me and in the past month there has been a big change to my routine. I’m not inclined to share just yet but it’s been really good for me.  Cue the nice weather, birdsong, a few really brilliant weather days and the small handful of photography jobs that I want and it feels like things are… going…to…be…okay.  Which is usually the prefect time to unravel, right? But I don’t wanna!  Tell me, friends, what do you do when the self sabotage button looms?

xoxo, amanda



3 thoughts on “Self Sabotage: The Art of Unraveling

  1. Marianne @ Along the Side of the Road says:

    My experiences have been that usually when an unravel is about to take place, it’s a needed one, although I usually can only see that in hindsight some time later. My most recent unravel has lead me to several great things for my life and I wouldn’t trade those for the world.
    Best wishes … Marianne

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