A quick moment to breathe

It’s been a hot minute since my last very post, which was a stressed out, verbose and ragey rant.   This year has been a whirlwind of activity; a constant go-go-go with all the feelings., this year has been well lived! It has been terribly sad, extremely joyful, overwhelming, peaceful, beautiful, messy, scary and full of fucking love.  Update since last post – we’re in the house, yes, it is ours but before we could all make it here, Jennifer lost her little shadow. Yes, our darling little Fossil got so tired.  It happened very quickly and it’s been very, very sad and difficult. I do plan a proper eulogy for her, I’m just giving myself time to mourn, it’s been such a big loss. With that said, I think moving into a new location has made it a little easier as it’s not so familiar.

Oh… and friends, what a glorious new house it is.  I’m currently sitting on a pillow on our newly refinished floors (thanks so much babe!) in the living room which carries gorgeous light throughout the whole day. There are little chickadees fluttering outside the side window and I think every single one of our animals are napping contentedly in some personal favourite and new spot – except for Atticus whose beat up leather chair made the journey with us.  Fun story: we had our chimney swept this morning and the sweeps are the  grandsons of the first owner! Oh how that charmed me! Jennifer and I are the fourth owners of this home, it was pretty neat to meet the descendants of the original owner.  We’ve already heard stories that he used to jump into the pool from the roof back in the early sixties and apparently there was a swanky bar downstairs too.   It’s been interesting scheduling the annual appointments for the new house, I’m really enjoying getting to know the home.  Today we also had annual maintenance for our boiler and I’m preparing the pool for the pool guy to come and teach us how to close tomorrow! HVAC, Chimney Sweep & Pool guy… oh my!

This is just a quickie update, I have so many crazy, hilarious and even a death defying story to share with you, we just need to get organized and completely moved in and then I can share the goods.  Everything is going so quickly that I’m finding it hard to stay present, so I’m taking a moment after this post to breathe… I’ve found lately that my favourite way to do that is by cleaning the pool! Ha!


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