We’re taking the plunge

Last year Jennifer and I decided that 2016 was going to be the year we purchased our first home.  We prequalified in late March and then started our search in early June.  The market was really tough for us to navigate.  Homes that we liked/placed offers on were getting scooped up right up; low inventory and a flooded market equaled quite a few tearful days & nights and a few seriously cranky moments. We also ran into issues with sellers agents and the entire adventure really just became quite messy.  

Rewind to eleven days ago when we met our new realtor to view two listings, one, a pocket listing in Belchertown that was an absolute no and the second, a darling, if not dated yellow ranch in South Hadley.  The South Hadley home literally made us go “ahhhh” when we walked inside.  The property allowed us to check all but two boxes off of the “must have” and “wish” lists.  The home is spacious with a well laid out floor plan, gorgeous hardwood floors throughout, two bedrooms, lots of light, fireplace, gunnite pool and partially finished basement.  The lot is small, but it’s on a corner in what seems to be a quiet neighborhood. I like the home and think it is a great “first home” for Jennifer and I.  

After brief negotiations our offer was accepted on Monday, August 1st.  This morning we had our home inspection and it was mostly uneventful; just a few things we will likely ask the seller to take care of prior to close (a few electrical elements that need to be brought to code, chimney cleaning, etc.) We will wait for the official report to come back before having our attorney review the P&S.  We are presently trying to breathe and not panic while we take in the enormity of the task(s) at hand while we wait for homework from our loan processor.  

There will be so many perks to purchasing this home in South Hadley.  Lover will be closer to work, we will have Internet(!), be on town water/sewer and we will be closer to the people and places we love.  

I’m feeling wistful and a little anxious at the same time! I keep reminding myself it’s “wonder not worry,” something my beloved therapist Robin always used to say.   I want to be mindful and present through this process. It’s about to get really crazy up here in the Mandigo-Lewis lives, I think I’m going to take a moment to breathe before I go all in.

We’ve got a shoot tomorrow morning in Whately and I’m finishing up last weekends session this weekend, so right now is the perfect time to be still + quiet. There is a big fat cat sprawled on the couch between us and our oldest dog, Fossil’s stomach is making random strange noises;  her snoring may rival her mothers. (She says most affectionately!) We are taking a moment to breathe. I don’t know what the weather is like where you are but here in Western Massachusetts it’s a day I would consider perfect; rain shine, breezy, warm with cool winds…the  most perfect light…really kinda perfect.  I’m going to enjoy it, take a minute to relax. 

We’re buying a freaking house, I’m over-the-moon happy!  Please don’t mind my sudden blow up of pinning on Pinterest; we’ve got projects!  I’m sure I’ll be keeping the Captain’s log along the way.  
Happy weekending. 


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