It’s tough getting old

It seems like we just blinked and then our dog was old. Really. I mean she’s been slower for some time and gray around the muzzle and sleepier than usual but it seems like all of the sudden, in a literal blink of an eye her age caught up with her. 

A few nights ago her legs splayed out (think Bambi) on our hard wood floors and for all her might she could not get up from the position.  It’s age and muscle atrophy and the incident weighed heavily on my mind that night. I brought my feelings up to my wife (and Fossil’s mum) the next day. She had been thinking about it too.  

This morning I was in the bathroom showering and getting ready and when I came out she was panting heavily in a puddle of urine.  She couldn’t get out of it and she was panicking like crazy. I’m not sure what happened first, if she peed and couldn’t get up or if she could t get up and peed while trying so hard — either way it was a heartbreaking moment for me.  

I gently scooped her up and carried her in for a bath. I love our bath times, that sweet act of care for a beast.  While she was feisty as ever (not the only sign that she’s still got a lot of life left in her) she seemed to enjoy the gentle puppy massage. It’s really one of my favourite 1:1 times with her. 

My lover and I have discussed that, at this point we must weigh out the good & bad days and love, love, love her through all of them. 


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