A Merry Little Christmas


It’s about 5:30 am the morning after Christmas and I’m sitting in the Daddy chair watching Hard Time on Nat Geo. There is a cat (Squirrel) on my left and the Christmas Tree is on and illuminating yesterday’s loot. The seedy carnage of a catnip toy is making me cringe spread thinly all over the floor; Charlotte, Priscilla and Bella continue to partake in the euphoric herb…further spreading it. My darling is sprawled on the couch, blankets kicked off and her arms crossed above her head. There is a fat cat crushing the back cushion over her knee. Atticus is restless at my feet, and Fossil is passed out right next to her mommy…I’m not sure who is snoring louder.

I’m wearing new p.j.’s that I got in my stocking yesterday, they say: “Be Amazing.” I’m warm, wrapped in a new fleece throw with a freshly warmed microwaveable “snuggy.” I’m feeling incredibly blessed and warm and happy. I can recognize that most especially because I have had a dark heart for much of the last three months. It’s nice to be back in the light…I hope to stay.

I’d like to believe that it was the magic of the season that helped to bring me back a little. From crossing off a bucket list item in cutting down our tree this year, to putting it up a week earlier than usual to taking a day off to further decorate and clean. It’s been a lovely flurry of holiday activity- and that’s just what’s been happening in the home. Work is busy for me and I’ve found it extremely hard to concentrate lately, add the holiday and I’ve been screwed! Ha!

Yesterday was a picture perfect holiday. It was just the two of us, again. We woke to the power going off around 7-7:30. We dozed sleepily and we’re pleased when the power came back on quickly. We completed our morning chores effortlessly, I made the fire she started breakfast and finished coffee – we took care of the animals and then dived into Christmas morning! It was so much fun! We did the pups & cats first, then our stockings and then our presents. I received so many fun & beautiful things, I had a blast opening. I also received my very first pair of Fluevog shoes:


So exciting!

But really, all the best gifts are as I described in the beginning: my beloved, our animals and our home – so blessed! Now… I woke super early and am going to take advantage of my day off and head back to bed for nap number one. Haha! I hope you have enjoyed your holiday season, whatever you celebrate and however you choose to do that. I wish you peace and love these last few days of 2014.



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