Signs, seasons and showy birds

The most curious thing happened to me today whilst seeking a private moment to invite the new season into my heart & soul. I came upon the most brilliantly colored Rooster, yes, Rooster! What made the encounter odd was that he happened to be far away from home, straight chilling at the Quabbin overlook off of 202 in New Salem, MA.

It has been some time since I swung into the overlook to take in the scene and I certainly was not expecting to see this magnificent, bright bird as a welcoming party. I cooed and crooned to him softly trying to make sure he was okay – though I don’t know what I was looking for since I have never had chickens! He seemed hungry for company and happy to see me.

Worried for his well being I called our Animal Control officer who was already well aware of and attempting to fix the situation. It was tough leaving him but I do trust that he was well taken care of.

I am unsure of the symbolism of the Rooster but am absolutely, divinely tickled to have had this chance encounter. The Autumn equinox has arrived and today’s gift seemed to start the clock again on a heart that was only half beating. Many thanks to the universe for always providing exactly what I need when I need it.



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