2013: Breaking it Down

If 2012 was a pretty good year than 2013 really was amazing. It could also be aptly described by my blogs namesake: Simply Abundant.

In an attempt to be less verbose than usual here is the abbreviated version of my (our) most wonderful year.

•turned 34
•totaled my jeep (RIP 2003-2013)
•bought a new car (Vivian!)
•nurtured friendships/branched out
•made my first ever batch of Hot Cross Buns and my first successful strawberry rhubarb pie
•lost 20lbs
• watched as the SCOTUS heard oral arguments on Windsor v. the US which dealt directly with DOMA’s section 3 which explicitly restricted marriage to different-sex couples – unconstitutional. The high court also heard arguments for the dismantling of Prop 8 in California.
•became a permanent employee
•saw both DOMA & Prop 8 overturned on June 26th…. four days before
•I married my very best friend
•celebrated 7 years living and loving each other
•swam in the cold waters of big beach in Maine
•swam at Salisbury beach
•cut ties with my brother
•reunited with my stepfather
•forgave my mother
•hosted my mom in our home for the very first time
•hosted my in laws in our home for the very first time
•spent quality time with my friend Lynn, mother to my beloved late best friend Carrie
•continued to mourn her loss… but it came more in waves, than a steady constant sadness.
•survived some tough times at work
•spent time fostering quality relationships with amazing, fierce femmes (must do more if this in 2014!)
•had our first married thanksgiving
•hosted my sissy for Christmas
•and speaking of… Enjoyed a most lovely holiday
•lastly opened the first ever annual ‘everything lovely & good jar’ while ringing in the new year

Pretty amazing and I’m very grateful for every single memory made this past year. I have many intentions for the coming year but that will be another post! Happy New Year to all those who stumble upon my blog, I wish us both amazing things! xx


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