Who says words can’t hurt?

A person must know they have said something offensive when they follow a their comment up with:
oh, I hope that didn’t offend you
that there comment was likely offensive?

One day in our small break room this week a few folks were talking about extreme couponing and the show that is out about it. A colleague stated that those who watched it were “so gay.” After she saw the look in my face she leaned in and touched my shoulder and said I hope that didn’t offend you. Now, i should interject and note that I am very out and openly gay, proudly so, everywhere I go. Well this colleague left really before I could say anything directly to her so I took the time to educate my three other coworkers with whom I was eating lunch with that a) it was an offensive comment and b) the reasons it was. Saying something is ‘so gay’ denotes negativity…and I’ll tell you people pick up on that, children especially. My coworkers were receptive and I felt very proud of myself for speaking up and doing so calmly and with facts and not just passion, something I may have done a year or so ago.



2 thoughts on “Who says words can’t hurt?

  1. Samantha Moore says:

    Good for you, sister! I am finding that the older and more confident I become, the more I am speaking up in situations like this. I think you and I have an advantage of being perceived as sweet (because we are!), and gifted with the ability to express ourselves gently yet clearly – so people are not automatically defensive and can actually hear what we have to say. We are agents of change!

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