the art of repotting

It’s official… I’m a New Englander.. again and am over the moon about it. Lover and I made the 500 mile journey on July 14th 2012. It all fell together rather quickly, within 90 days really. First the amazing job came (for her) and after two visits up north she had the deal sealed. The house came on visit number too — and what a house it is – everything I could have dreamed of and more.

It was time really, this move, we’ve grown out of our surroundings, downsized a year and half ago, lover unhappy in her work, me just kind of stagnant and flailing both creatively and emotionally. A change was much needed for both of our souls and goodness has it already showed itself what a world of good it will be.

(Culture shock #26 these bugs are as big as our new house!)

Lover started her job today and I am on the search for a job as well!
I’ve sent out countless resumes and though I hear the clock ticking (and the bank account dwindling) I am oddly at peace with the fact that a good job will come my way. I have my first interview tomorrow at 3PM.. if you happen to remember, I would love some good juju thrown my way.

(Culture shock #62 there is BARELY any litter on any of the roads I travel)

We’re currently cable and internet-less (other than our phones) so I am currently updating this blog from the New Salem Public Library. A charming building that used to be a two-room schoolhouse and has since been updated. It is nestled in our charming little town-square next to an old cemetery and an old Academy building. I love it, it’s quiet and peaceful and I only had to stalk one teenage boy to get off the computer so I could use it 😉 The young man is lucky I’m nice and didn’t log into his facebook since he left his information saved.

(Culture shock #16 the people I’ve met are mostly kind and trustworthy – I hope this doesn’t end!)

I’m happy. Really, delighted and toe-curling happy. I’ll update more later on, just wanted to get back in the swing of writing.




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