A Fish Tale

I am relaxing in a quiet, cozy home drinking a glass of nice wine (Rascal, a Pinot Noir from Oregon) and listening to Damien Rice.

Lover is out for drinks with a friend and I am contemplating a eulogy for my carnival goldfish that lived for 7 full years.
I won that damn goldfish at a carnival that set up in a parking lot outside of the dirtiest K-Mart you ever did see.  He was the size of my pinky when I got him and when he took his last breath yesterday he was the size of my forearm.  Swear it.  He survived three different homes; made the first move in a small bag; the second in a Tupperware container and the final move in a five gallon home depot bucket.   He made buddies in his life, first there was Jesus, who died and was resurrected after Easter (true story) and then his best mate, Merlin, a pop-eyed black fin fancy who won us all over from first gulp.  Damn he was a cool ass fish.

I’ll be honest when he began living year after year I felt like he had the kind of magic that mouse had in the green mile.  Then a few months ago a boy child visited us and said “wow he looks so sad” and that made my heart hurt and it really resonated with my love.  After that comment I started to notice that Pisces was old.  He was like a little old man, blind in one eye, slower, not as neurotic but still responsive to us outside the tank.   When I saw him sideways in the tank yesterday I ran and hid behind a corner and hollered for my beloved that he was dead (or dying.)   She walked out, sighed heavily and agreed that he was indeed dying.  It took an hour for him to head on (under the Rainbow Bridge?)  Lover held him gently to keep him upright, we turned the filter off (so quiet) and then he just died.

He wouldn’t fit in a checkbook box so we put him in an organic water-cracker box and buried him in our garden.

There will be no more fish in our house, after our young friends’ comment we have decided it’s just not right for fish to live inside glass cages.  Well it’s not for us anyways, not anymore.

So RIP Pisces – I was proud and happy to have you for as long as I did.

That’s my Pisces showing his hiney as he often did… that’s his mate Merlin on the left.   Better days.


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