A lesson in asking… and receiving

Lets face it, with all the Occupy (insert your state here) protests going on these days, money and the distribution of it is on a lot of folks minds.   Frankly, money is always on my mind.  How much we have, the lack of it, how to get save, how to get more, you get the picture.  I understand the importance of working for a living and am not a lazy person but I am also not opposed to playing the lottery or, well, in this instance maybe a little magic.

I learned a money chant earlier this summer that I did consecutively for a few days until we had a small amount of luck befall us that helped us immensely.   I stopped saying the chant but found the piece of paper I had written it down on  a couple weeks ago and resumed chanting: “A money miracle happens to me today.”   Just once a day you know, in the morning when I get up.  Well, suffice to say nothing has happened for some time but this last weekend I walked into Giant to buy some Candy Corn for an art project and took in with me exactly $4.00.   Well, the total came out to $4.10 and I wasn’t so sure I actually had the dime in my car, but was certain maybe I had at least ten pennies.  Since I was in the self-checkout lane I called the attendant over and let her know and she said, oh, wait, someone just left a dime over there. Voila.  A small pay-out, but a pay-out none-the-less… or maybe it’s just luck or fate.  Either way it has me thinking pretty hard about the wealth and benefits of  daily positive thinking and not just about money (for I know I’m wealthy in many ways) but about everything in life.


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