*pinch* yup, I’m still here.

Feels like forever since I took a moment to sit and write out the goings on in my life.  There’s lots to be said but I’m awfully tired and have to be up early for work tomorrow.  A narrow list (so that I can remember the next time I decide to take a moment and write) of the current happenings goes like this:

  1. my place of business was recently acquired by a different company
  2. we finished (mostly) pulling the carpet up (and staining the floor!)
  3. visited two museums in DC
  4. Saw Super 8 and LOVED it.
  5. had my sister over for dinner (twice and once with my mum, too)
  6. celebrated America’s birthday with great friends
  7. went to the dentist… twice
  8. after 10 years I started therapy again
  9. we are on vacation count-down (10 days, 4 hours, 4 minutes and 15 seconds)
  10. another good friend was recently diagnosed with invasive breast cancer
  11. I finished two books: “The Art of Happiness” by His Holiness the Dali Lama  and “The Art of Mending” by Elizabeth Berg
  12. I started a new book, “Expressive Photography” by the Shutter Sisters. Good stuff.

You know, just the usual stuff they call life.  It feels like it’s been a very long year.  Why, just today a friend updated their Facebook to note that there are just 4 months and 30 day until Christmas… can you believe it?! Craziness.

Today is day two of an insane work-out push before we leave to Maine in August.  My body is in terrible pain, but I’m going to be up in five hours and do it all over again.

I used to post my daily gratitude’s every night, lately I haven’t even been good at just saying them in my head.  I’m interested in getting back into the practice of it.  Today I’m grateful for busy days at work, old pictures that I can look at and remember, quiet time to explore my creativity, good dogs, cheese & tomato sandwiches, a blooming sunflower and in about 2 minutes – my hard, uncomfortable bed.  I mean hey… at least I’ve got one right?


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