you say, you don’t feel like yourself today. . .

Our girl had a less then perfect weekend.   Yesterday was the worst; hiding, inappetent, sneezing and nausea.   Petunia’s original doctor (and my friend) was working this weekend so we called her and got her on an antibiotic and an anti-nausea injection.   This makes for 3-4 shots a day!  We knew she was feeling bad when she didn’t even attempt to fight the shot.   She perked up a little last evening and was a little more bright-eyed this morning; this evening, however finds her back to feeling puny.  We think she is very weak because she is so severely anemic, her breathing is a little heavier and she has become quite vocal.  It’s a pitiful cry that doesn’t get out until the third try and then it’s so loud and sad.

Overall the day was good we went to the Farmer’s Market and planted all of our babies into our new raised garden bed.


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