We’re off to see the wizard

I haven’t updated about Petunia in eons and I’d like to say that’s because she’s doing very well, which, I am happy to report, she is!  I’ve also been über busy with everything else that’s going on, maybe they call that life?  Whatever it is, I am most certainly grateful for it, for I know I have a good one.

So the last time I left off in the Petunia saga she was going for her first CCNU treatment.   She did fantastic — her blood work was great, several of her lower levels had risen the only thing that is not rising is her RBC count, but our wonderful doctor, who we’ll just call Auntie Melissa said that it might take a while for that to come back.   Petunia is now over her cold, she is staying out with the other cats during the day and sleeping with her mommies at night.  Not only that but . .. she looks really, really good.   She’s frisky and I’m pleased with all of her progress.   I have had to learn how to give her pred. injections which is really hard for me, I’m such a spaz and I know I get her a little worked up over it because she feeds off my crazy energy, but we’re working with it.  We had a little scare over a pet food recall on the canned food she was eating however since she does not get it has her primary food in the end we were not as concerned as the first, WTF, can’t she get a break!

I feel this has brought my love and I a little closer, not that we were ever far apart, but I think these things have a  tendency to grow any love – one way or the other.  I have, however, been very hurt by my sister and really only familial ally.   She knows Petunia is sick and she’s not even called to see how she is.   She has to know this is hard for me and if she doesn’t I have let her know and she’s still not around.    It’s very hurtful.  I am afraid it is something I won’t ever be able to forgive, especially if her selfishness continues.

Code Purple has really taken off, in this her second year.   I am so excited about it.  I have a few deadlines but I’m trying to revamp the site before it’s one year anniversary as well as drop a spring special and (shhh) sweet Mother’s Day Contest.   All this while tending to my day job, our home front, the babies and of course stoking the fires of l-o-v-e.   (which you probably didn’t want to know!)

Here’s a few photos of Tuna. . . she’s such a pretty baby!    Wish us luck today… I am hoping to see at least one new pound and great numbers on her CBC.   (a medical miracle happens to me today — my mantra)

Happy Hump Day!



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