It’s all consuming. . .

What will Petunia want to eat today?  I feel like every other minute I’m trying to shove food in her face because if she’s eating it’s a good sign, right?   Laughably I just broke writing this to stalk her in the kitchen to see if she wanted something to eat.   *Sigh*  Jennifer uses this voice for Petunia and mimics “damn mom get that outta my face.”  Sure it’s funny but I’m not sure what else to do.

She looks so puny today.  So again the question is. . . sardines, chicken, herring, mackerel, salmon – pâté or gravy… or maybe just a couple treats.  What do you want to eat sweet Tuna Pie?

(two hours until our meeting with the oncologist)


One thought on “It’s all consuming. . .

  1. Brenda says:

    My heart goes out to you and as much comfort as one looks for, there really isn’t any. Every decision means other decisions and our life becomes consumed with decisions, wanting to do the right thing and always being left with, did I do enough. Our pets are such wonderful family members who love us so unconditionally and bring out feelings in us we did not even know we could have. They are blessings brought into our lives that teach us so many things and make us so greatful to have known them. Petunia is so lucky to have you and I sending lots of good animal healing prayers your way.

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