Go Pred, Go!

Petunia has been on the steroid prednisone since she was diagnosed with cancer on Monday.   Her appetite has increased and she has a coy little tail swish going on.   She also had her first chemotherapy appointment yesterday and all went well, she did great.  They treated her with Vincristine, a broad spectrum chemotherapy drug.  She got a little poke from a butterfly needle and an antibiotic shot that will last for two weeks.

We are all scheduled for an initial appointment with the Oncologist next Wednesday at 11am.   We’re hoping she gains another pound before the appointment.  She’s been eating really well.   Petunia likes fish…so she’s getting all the yummy, stinky stuff we can get our hands on.   Last night she shared some shrimp with us and she loved it.

We have never slept with our door open.  Our policy has always been no pets in the bedroom overnight…because if we did allow them, well, needless to say there would be no space on the bed for us.   However,  because we want her to feel free to eat as much as she wants (and feel safe and comfortable) we’ve allowed her to sleep with us.   It’s so yummy having a little kitty in the bed again and she has to be feeling better because that girls motor is l-o-u-d.

I’m really glad this week is over.   I picked up the late shift tonight and where it wasn’t as crazy as I thought it might be on a full-moon Friday in the animal ER; we had our moments.    Tomorrow is Code Purple’s first session of the year, I am very excited, it’s an unusual “Rock the Dress” session.  Something I have always wanted to do.




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