the power of thought

On Friday morning as I walked to my beat-up, 10+, goddess bless she’s still running jeep; I thought, the car’s so not going to start this morning, and as brief as the thought was, she really didn’t start!

I’ve never pondered the power of a thought before. As a therapy veteran I’ve sure heard about it, positive thinking is of course, the number one cognitive therapy method! It’s just never really registered before now. I was a little more than shocked…and I guess I still am since I’m up at 5:45am in the morning on a Sunday. I’ve felt stagnant in my growth as a woman these days, and sometimes these little shake-ups make me sit up and take notice of the good things in life. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve entered a daily gratitude. . . and I find that when I was doing that, life really was richer.

Yesterday my beautiful and talented girlfriend ventured out to fix my car. . . and she did and I feel lucky and grateful to have her. We show love and affection differently, and that’s what truly makes our love amazing.

Positive thinking, two words with such great meaning. I’m so glad I finally get it.


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